how to get rid of bed bugs

Why Internet Searches for Bedbug Treatments Are Increasing

Although bedbugs have been causing problems for thousands of years, they were once nearly eliminated in developing countries. However, pesticide bans, global travel and the bugs' adaptability are allowing new invasions. Thousand of victims are searching sites like to learn how to get rid of bed bugs safely and effectively.

Bedbug Removal Is Essential

There was a time when any housewife could recognize the signs of nearly invisible bedbugs and would act quickly to get rid of them. However, many victims today are puzzled when they wake up with the tell-tale itching and lines of red bite marks that often turn into inflamed rashes. Some sufferers even develop life-threatening allergic reactions. The problems are caused when the mostly nocturnal insects feed. Classified as parasites, they live on blood, and sleeping humans are their meals of choice. Unfortunately, many people now living in developed countries know so little about the problem that they do not try to find a bed bug killer until their homes are entirely overrun.

Nearly Invisible Parasites Are Hard to Remove

Getting rid of bedbugs can be complicated. It is often hard to find the source of the infestation, since the insects thrive almost anywhere and are good travelers. They may be brought into well-maintained homes via luggage. Some come from adjoining apartments and used furniture or bedding can host the parasites. They live comfortably and reproduce quickly in picture frames, carpeting and woodwork. Even if victims eliminate the sources, most cannot see the tiny creatures or their eggs, so typical insecticides offer little help.

Some Treatments Make More Sense Than Others

For centuries the only sure-fire way to get rid of all bedbugs was to destroy any affected property and scrub homes several times. Since extreme heat will kill the bugs and eggs, victims saved some belongings by leaving them in the sun for days. Many still use dryers for that purpose. Unfortunately, the process is exhausting and not guaranteed. Professionals exterminators offer treatments, but they can be very expensive. People searching for alternatives to these options often find that safe, chemical-free products like Defensive End! provide more user-friendly answers. Clients use product websites to educate themselves about bedbugs and order products. Suppliers provide detailed usage information and show clients how to avoid future infestations.

Thanks to world travel, insecticide bans and lack of knowledge, once nearly extinct bedbugs are again invading homes. The hard-to-detect bugs can cause serious harm and be difficult to remove. Fortunately, there are now safe, affordable DIY products that can destroy insects and their eggs.